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I’ve never been one to be super girly.  I always say I’m about 25% girly and that’s being generous but I mean…once you take into account the fact that I am indeed a girl…I have to be somewhat girly by nature or whatever.  I guess.  Anyway, the other year, I started wearing dresses.  IDK what took me so long.  I love those things now.   Well, I honestly think I love them because it’s just ONE item to throw on and less to think about.  So dresses aren’t so much about me becoming more girly as they are me becoming lazier!

Anyway…I decided that maybe I should ramp up that girly-esqueness in my 30th year and on.  So…DUH…I’ve been pinning flats (we don’t do heels here), makeup, and nail polishes.  That’s as far as I can go.  I mean…I’m going to try some things but we can’t do this every day.

Here are some cute flats.  I’ll definitely try some pointed flats.  My LS sells shoes…she should stock some of these.  AHEM!!


5db274dcf9201e551444ccc9bd9e2a45Nail polish.  Now this one seems easy.  I was doing a really good job of painting my nails last fall before I ended up in the hospital again.  Then I lost a lot of my want to do a lot.  However, I’m going to get back on it.  I’m on the quest to find a good polish that doesn’t chip too soon.  My hands are SUPER oily so even those gel polishes just peel off in a day or so.  The ULTA polishes so far are winning for me.  However, here are some super cute OPI colors.
a759b7f3bf0b643344455c4fdce15406 Lastly…LIPSTICK.  Lipstick is the one thing that I’ve been tempted to try for the longest and I’ve started recently.  It’s hard finding good shades though.  I’m a fan of matte colors and nyx is becoming one of my fav brands.  Ruby Kisses has some cheap matte colors too.  Cheap is my friend.  Not TOO cheap though because I have allergies and I can’t just be putting anything on me.  Anyway…more cute below.3491d157d69e8a686af6da5c1aa60128 6ea1ae50cd72f98aa28c7174822205fb



Any more suggestions on how to get my girl on…wait?


See yall tomorrow!

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