Pinterest: Clean Sweep – Blog Challenge Day 25

Wow.  This challenge is almost over.  I can’t believe I’ve stuck to it.  LOL I’m generally the WORST at these things.  However, this is why I was determined to do this and put it on and soon MARK IT OFF my 30 before 30 list.

Speaking of my 30 before 30, one of the things on that list has to do with organizing and decluttering my life and spaces.  I have been slowly but surely decluttering but let LIFE happen and sometimes things can get a little cluttered again.  If i’m down or not feeling well…things can go to HELL even more quickly.

So, being on pinterest you always see these cleaning tips and things to do and cleaning schedules.  One of my close friends keeps her condo in spotless condition.  She says it’s because she cleans every day.  SON…SON.  I barely get out of bed every day…and she CLEANS CLEANS every day.  I really think she hires elves to do it for her while she’s at work.  Either way…unless I can hire those elves I need to at least try this method.

I do use a cleaning service monthly to come in and do the deep cleaning stuff.  One because cleaning with oxygen is a struggle sometimes with more laborious tasks.  Two because I’m allergic to dust.  Three because it takes more oxygen than my body currently processes to REALLY deep clean.  Some days taking the trash out is like climbing MOUNT EVEREST.    But day to day cleaning…I GOT THAT!  I can even rock a fridge clean out on occasion!

So… I went through my boards on pinterest and found the best looking daily cleaning schedule that I had posted.  I think I’ll give it a try.  Here it is:



The struggle-iest thing on there WILL be Laundry.  I HATE IT!! I can put it in but taking it out is not for me.  Similarly I can load the dishwasher but hate putting dishes away.  I have no cleaning follow-through.  But I’ll try.  Laundry will probably only be once or twice a week though because it’s just me.  I’ll check back in with this.


Do you clean daily, weekly, NEVER?


See yall tomorrow!

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