Pinterest: Cheese Tortellini – Blog Challenge Day 22

So Pinterest got me hooked on cheese tortellini.  I found this recipe on pinterest and pinned it securely in my “Eat Eat/Cook Cook” board.  I sent it to my LS and planned to make it.  Shortly after, one of my favorite bloggers made the recipe.  It was destiny.

Here is the recipe: Cheesy Crockpot Tortellini

I made it and feel in love.  It’s super easy.  I tweaked the spices because honestly…why aint no seasoning mentioned.  Sometimes, I made my sauce myself but when this is an easy/lunch recipe…i don’t!  I have enough sauce stockpiled.

I use Buitoni 4 cheese tortellini that’s in the refrigerated section of the store near the produce usually.   The first time I got a pack, there was an issue so Buitoni sent me coupons for free packages…SO I stocked up.

I’ve added spinach and usually use ground turkey instead of sausage.  It turns out good every time.   I even made that joint today to have for lunch all week.


Anyway…I’m a creature of habit and I have all this tortellini I need to use…so why not find another recipe.  Well I had also pinned this recipe: No Name Tortellini Recipe

YES YES…I KNOW…They are very similar but kinda different right.  Or nah.  I mean it’s different enough!!  Baby steps here.  Ok ok….here is another option as well: Parmesan Tortellini Bites


I’ll try one of these soon!  Well…within the next month because that is when I have to use the tortellini in my freezer by.  LOL


I’m sure either option will be yummy!  Which one would you make?


See you tomorrow!

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