While I feel like some of these tips are for EVERYBODY, I just feel like I need to minister to my brothers on the innawebs tryna find bae.  Some of you just need your spirit and profiles lifted a little bit.  Don’t let your profile keep you from choosing your Queen.     


1. If you put something in the about me section that doesn’t mean that you wont have anything to talk about elsewhere.

If filling up the about me section tells me everything i need to know about you.


That is INDEED all i need to know about you. NEXT    

2. When you take pictures – be selective.


Don’t put up a pic just because it’s of your face. I know you make fun of women who take 19898 pictures for one selfie but you should try this. horrified I know there’s some super ego enhancer in testosterone but …DON’T TRUST IT!!    

3. If you’re on an online DATING site to sell something…


or advertise your business…log off – DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT   


4. Attempt to send messages that say more than “hey”.


Believe me, I understand the conflict of drafting an elaborate message and not getting a reply.  But say something else in addition to that.  Especially if she’s taken the time to fill out her profile.   Mention something you liked… Also, compliments ONLY about her body are not gonna get you anywhere.  

5. Be open honest and DETAILED.

 Put what you are and aren’t looking for.

This way you can weed out unwanted messages and people will know not to message you. Blank profiles = no messages or tons of messages from people you don’t want to know because you provided NO FILTER.    

6. *LEAN IN CLOSE…I have to tell you something IMPORTANT*


It’s ok to put that you are looking for a relationship.

“Dating but nothing serious” “Friendship” “Not looking for a relationship” are all indications to a lot of women that you MAY just be trying to get some. Why do yall have a LOOKING…PHOBIA. Just because you say you want a relationship doesn’t mean that you’re expected to WIFE the next girl you walk past.  No one is trying to rush. Saying you are open to a relationship doesn’t’ mean you are pressed.  Decent women will pass you up.  


Don’t send out your phone number in the first message.  I’m going to thing that you are crazy, Crazy, CRazy, CRAzy or CRAZY!



  Hope this helps …SOMEONE.  

  • <3 Whit

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    Do not miss online dating. Nope. Nooope. Good advice for the men! They need it! lol

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      Ugh one day I’ll be there!! Lol they need it ALL LOL

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    So glad I’m not in the dating pool. Thanks for posting helpful tip for those that are.

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      One day I’ll be able to say the same. LOL Thanks for the love

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