Not here for it

I’m not here for quick fixes.   I’m looking to do this weightloss thing naturally.  Worst case scenario…yea there isn’t one because I’m gonna keep working.

I see advertisements for those body wraps daily and people being extra into them.  I’m not interested.  It’s not for long lasting weight loss as it’s only stripping you of water weight really.  If someone is trying to lose those last 2 lbs to fit into a dress for something…do you, hun…but those are not for me!

I’ve known people who have done the weight loss programs where you eat pre-packaged food and they become dependent on them.  Eating those meals at holidays years after meeting their goal.  They have become afraid of real food.  I don’t want that fear.  Also…I’m not all about that sodium because blood pressure issues run in my family.

Also…herbalife. I’ve looked into it and along with the other things, it’s not quite for me now.  What happens when I stop the program…PLUS…have you seen those prices.  GOODNESS.  Maybe if i’m looking to tone in the future…maybe.  But I’m not going to count on it.    Some people love it but it’s not for me and my adventure in weight loss.


I’m in this the clean eating and exercise way.  That’s the only way that I know is going to work and I fully control what goes into my body…which is how I love it!!



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