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Yes today’s post was “post tuh be” (ugh i can’t believe i just typed that) about something else but look here…a chick has things to do.  My couch was crying when I got home so I had to love on it for 3 or so hours until it calmed down.  Then you know I have a bed too.  By that time it needed attention.

And well…whatever…shut up…ya mama!!


Yall need to just accept me for what I am and who I am.  The posts won’t always come on time but baby when they do…I mean I’m not gon’ promise yall the moon.  Yall love to get hyped about something and when it gets here it’s Ashanti when you were expecting Beyonce.


giphy (4)

Back to the (new) reason that I’m posting today (don’t mind that you don’t know the old reason as well…dang)


I started it back in June officially and I’ve been fairly consistent.  I took a birthday break but I’m back at it and such.  I’m doing weekly vlogs, hair videos, tags, conversations, product reviews.  I’m random so my channel is random.

So you know I just want to ask yall to go check me out for I bust up in ya house and turn it on for ya.  Yall know I’ll do it.


I’m just gon’ leave the playlist of all the videos I’ve posted so far below…for your viewing pleasure. And stuff.

More about Whit Nic


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