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I’m trying to push myself to blog every day or every other day.  The more I blog the better I think I’ll do!  We shall see.  Well…my workouts since my re-start in 2013 have been limited to 3 main workout days and another day of home core work.  My schedule was:

Monday: Workout with friends

Wednesdays: Spinning (or other workout)

Friday: Aqua Zumba


Aqua Zumba is over.  That class had sooo much potential but it got super boring after 9 weeks of the exact same routine and only mildly hype music.  I really like water classes so I may just switch back to water aerobics where there is less of an excitement expectation so i’m not so UNDERwhelmed!  

Spinning…is spinning!  It’s freaking hard.  It’s one of my favorite things when I get into it.  That’s mainly because I can see my progress from week to week.  I know when I can do more and it feels great.  Also my body changes the most dramatically when I spin!  Love!!


My favorite workout, however, has to be the one with my friends.  We just hit up the gym at one of our apartment complexes and go in.  Whether it’s bike, elliptical, treadmill, weights…whatever, it’s always a good time.  I never feel like it was a slacked workout.  There is a group of 4-5 of us who have made the commitment to come as often as possible.  Two of us have made every session that we have held (minus the ones we cancelled for holidays or birthdays) and it’s been great.  I’m so lucky to have her as my partner in this #teamgetyolife fitness adventure!  


Since my time is freeing up for the summer, I plan to see the gym more often.  I’m going to commit to spin at least once a week and try a few more classes at the gym including water aerobics, body works, yoga and maybe something else.  Who knows…I’m definitely trying to reclaim my gym rat habits!


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