My Day Turned Around – August 3rd

So today I woke up exhausted.  Not only was I exhausted my breathing was off.  I knew the culprit.  It was surely the wine I had engaged in the day before with the ladies.  Oh well, sometimes you have to pay the consequences when you turn up!

But…I don’t know how I’m supposed to breathe with no air. So next time I’ll be sure to turn down for BREATH!

Anyway.  I stayed in bed until noon or so and got up and got back in bed.  I had somewhere to go that involved free food so I HAD TO GO…so I had to remedy my lack of oxygen.

I took a nebulizer treatment and my lungs were revived.


I considered couponing whilst I was out frolicking for free vittles but I didn’t want to test it.  So I trotted out to my car and headed to the hustle (free food is a serious hustle).

Before I arrived, I saw a store and so I texted my homegirl/soror/coupon bff and was like “girl i’m about to go check for this clearanced toiled paper”. She texted back like “PROCEED”.  I went in and FAIL. None on the aisle.  I walked with defeat towards the door when I happened upon the HOLY GRAIL OF FREE TOILET PAPER.  As I wondered were these the packs an angel (the manager) sung out the most beautifullest words “those packs are $1.19”.

There were 20 packs on the wall and I grabbed 16.  At this point, my swift hoarding drew attention and others were asking the cashier about the deal.  So, since Bey taught me how to be benevolent last night, I was like “yall want some?”.  One lady said she wanted one. A guy jumped in and said “I want one”.  I said were “COME ON DOWN”.  Then I said I’ll leave 4 up here for yall.  The little girl with the lady was like “why are we leaving the other two there”.  That’s a girl I can roll with.  She knows a good deal.


BUT WAIT YALL…I didn’t have my coupons with me.  So homegirl/soror/coupon bff was like BUY EM ALL, come get me, and we’ll go return them and use the coupons.  OH WE LOVE A HUSTLE.  We did just that and essentially after we paid with “store rewards money” we only paid $0.18 for all the packs.


Free food, free toilet paper, and a girl even got some Ritas to bless my ENTIRE spirit.  I’ve wanted it all weekend so what a nice reward for a day turnt all the way ’round.


How was yall’s Sunday?


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