My Body is Ready

So I’ve been ripping and running lately and meaning to blog for days and have yet to…clearly.

But, I just wanted to give a brief update.  I gave myself a week or so to take a gym break mainly because i was sooo busy.  I definitely watched what I ate during this time but I didn’t deny myself anything.  I’m used to not eating much.

This weekend I went to Philly with friends and we did a lot of walking and it was a million degrees (90+ sitting in direct sun for hours) so I sweated my life away!  I’m sure I lost weight just by walking and sitting in that weather.  I easily dehydrate so it wasn’t long before I was very faint.   Luckily my friends came to the rescue with food and rita’s water ice.  Soon after the sun even went behind the stage cooling the area off!  THANK GOD!

The next day we did some shopping which entailed a small amount of walking and we did a “food tour”.  I did more “tasting” than full on eating but it was enough.

When I got back yesterday, I was anxious to get on the scale this morning.  It wasn’t because I wanted to see the damage…I had a feeling that I had still lost since my last weigh-in.  I had lost 1.6lbs. WOOP!! Closer to my next mini-goal.  I think my body is just ready to shed this weight after I got over my last plateau. I took a couple pics this weekend and I’m loving the changes.


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    Awww sookie sookie now!

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    Looking good mama! 🙂

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