Mr. Wes: What Is Love EP – New Release

Hey yall!  How yall doing?

So…today I wanted to share something with you:

Mr. Wes’s EP is finally dropping TOMORROW! 


You may remember that I reviewed his single last year.  If you missed that, you can check it out here. After releasing three successful singles, the album is HERE Yall!

Mr. Wes is originally from New Orleans and currently lives in the DC area.  And he has a WHOLE CAREER as an attorney.  You know how I feel about degreed musicians.  Like…take my money and throw it at Sallie Mae and ‘nem!!  They always get my coins!

mr. west hat is love promo

There will be a single, “Falling Out of Love” released today.  If you  hear it on the radio get all the way into it.  If you are a true R&B fan, then Mr. Wes is for you.  I mean right now we have a lot of guys singing Thug&B songs and well…there’s only so much of that we can take.   Mr. Wes is classically trained in voice and piano so he’s not playing any games.  HIS MIC WILL BE ON!

Mr. Wes hopes that everyone can relate to something on the EP. “What is Love” shines a light on the different phases of love and all the emotions it can put you through.

“What is Love” will be available on all digital outlets and in select Target stores (oh he fancy) TOMORROW, MAY 12, 2016!  Will you check it out?


Check out his sound cloud page to hear more of his songs and covers:


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