Moves like Jagger – Blog Challenge Day 12

I’ve loved Dance for forever.  Just like my love of music, it’s a big part of me.  I guess the two of those play into each other, right.

I started dancing when I was young (jazz, tap, ballet) and even did some hip hop and step in highschool and did a tiny bit of stepping in college.

I just knew i was gonna be Fatima Robinson when I grew up!  YES HUNNY!! Fatima gave me so much life!

I really love just about any kind of dance too.  I can’t really think of a type of dance I don’t like but I’m sure there is something out there.

I like dance shows on tv.  SYTYCD gives me so much joy.  As well…DD4L…yall know yall love Bring It! The Dancing Dolls will serve you!

and YYYEESSS…I am one of the lucky ones who who go tickets to see MISTY COPELAND in Swan Lake in DC!  I am so excited for that show.  She was my father’s (Prince) muse!!  I’m already swaying from over excitement.

I get as much from watching this:

As I do this:

But I do have a soft spot in my heart for ratchet choreography, trendy dances, and other foolery.  I love it all though!

Dance is surely one of my favorite things!


See yall tomorrow!

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