Mondays are the shame of the week – August 4th

So today was just Monday.  That stereotypical, hot mess, on my last nerve, aint nothing right in the world, where is Friday, i hate everybody type of day.


As Luvvie put it, it was the Mondayest Monday ever!  Let me tell you.  Monday, when it acts like this, is the reason the rest of the week, Tues-Thurs mainly, can’t catch a break. It’s that bad apple, that ratchet cousin, that wayward sibling, the last piece of butt bread that RUINS IT FOR EVERYBODY.


Why can’t Monday do better?


Tuesday can’t win because we’re all still mad at Monday.  We still hot and venting.  Wednesday is humpday and so it gets a little shine but forreal I got two whole more days AFTER I finish with you.  #ByeWednesday.  Thursday there is glimmer of hope but that joint is not Friday.  Monday done ruined it for em all.


Can’t nobody even REALLY enjoy Sunday because we all really rocking back and forth in a corner because the next day is that dreaded Monday.  Just disrespectful.


I woke up breathless because it’s Orange level air out there today.  In other words, aint no air for me to breathe.  I had juice for breakfast…so I was still starving.  My lunch was whack…still starving.  The computer system at work was acting a raggedy ratchet hot mess, people were demanding, people were needy at 4:40…WHAT CAN YOU NOT SEE THE TIME. I still had to roll up in job #3.  I had the yolo-est of spirits.  Winging the hell out of the job.  (Ok fine…I knew what I was doing because I got this but I was not as pre-prepared as I usually am but you know I still killed it).  Ohhh and my Monday spirit was not having it at job #3.  I was not lenient on ANYONE.  No one gets a break.  AT ALL.   I stop to coupon…it’s teenagers running around the store speaking a foreign language loudly.  I CLASPED MY PURSE because yall look suspicious.  No really two lil girls kept coming near me looking at the caps of sodas and stuff.  Yall are not about to steal my precious goodies.  Plus, you’d be disappointed, I just paid all my bills.  Anyway, then the line was long, Coke aint sent ONE Whitney bottle up here, and I’m tired!! And I’m missing my friends get together because again…there’s no air for me outside to breathe.

omg animated GIF

You see, when Monday comes, you have no sense of proper sentence structure.  That “paragraph” above is stream of consciousness foolishment.  It’s bedtime.  I have to be fresh to vent to Tuesday about what’s its raggedy sister did today.


I aint even gon’ spell check and I can not even muster to ask how yall’s days were because I KNOW …IT’S MONDAY!

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