Meet The Lawsons: Richard and Tina Knowles Lawson

The Knowles Lawson Dynasty is official.  My besties’ mother/grandmother (Solange and Blue are my besties in case you FORGOT!!!!) married Richard Lawson.  Of course because the Knowles know nothing other than SLAYAGE, the all white affair was just stunning.  Aunt Tina looked just “i drink unicorn blood” gawjus!! Let me tell you she sips the stuff religiously.  The morning of the wedding she did a facial with it while she was sipping her mimosas.

Just look…LOOK!


Woo…Jesus, Joseph, and MARY ‘nem.   When I grow up I wanna slay like…like…just like Tina’s hair.  Aint enough time for me to slay like all of Tina!  Love looks good on Auntie.

Of course we could not do this ceremony without an epic ladies’ pic so here it is


Girl in the back right look familiar right.  Well she’s the Bianca Lawson…the girl that NEVER ages.  This broad is still playing teenagers on TV.  She’s been playing teenagers since 1943.  LOOK IT UP!!

Bianca is Richard’s daughter…now Cousin Bianca!

If you’re thinking back to why I called it the Knowles Lawson Dynasty that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Bianca’s mama is also Marvin Gaye’s baby mama (she chose them men).  Her name is Denise…GORDY.  Yup…of #DemGordys.

When you add in the connection of #DemGordys to The Ross’…man…AND TRACEE IS ALSO MY BESTIE!!

WE HAVE A CIRCLE OF BESTFRIENDUM HERE EVERYONE!!  I’d create you a map but I don’t have time.

Remember…from now on…if you ever play six degrees of separation, Me, Beyonce, and Bianca will link you to a lot of folks.

You’re welcome.


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