Being Mary Jane – Season 4 Episode 5 Review

This episode is really Niecey heavy and it’s about time because I knew some ish was going to pop off.

Niecey is up in the club in VIP wasting more money. Y’all could have done this for 1/10 the price at home.  Her homegirls are trying to warm her about Dante but she’s blind and doesn’t see that that man is there for the money.  They give in to her because hey she’s paying for VIP.  I would have busted my homegirls up the head and they can attest to this.  So everyone at the club is trying to leach off her and she turns some chicks down and they go in on her. She tries it and they get into a fight.  They drag Niecey out and of course, folks are recording the fight and the aftermath.  This just isn’t going to go well.

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MJ and PJ are kicking it eating ribs and she’s in a funky attitude.  He suggests that she go home for a week to chill.  She says she’s on call and doesn’t have time plus she’s trying not to be involved in the drama.   Maybe MJ is working on herself a little bit.  Well actually, she still sees it as a way to blame drama on someone else.  Back to the ribs…MJ is mad because she’s missing her daddy’s ribs.  They get a smoker and MJ is trying to get her smoke on at her hotel.  PJ is like Nah son.

Niecey goes viral for all the opposite reactions of MJ but they are both still a hot mess.  Niecey gets into an argument and it’s drama.  MJ gets into an argument and she’s poppin.  It’s funny who what when where and how they categorize as ghetto and who is viral gold.  So she goes “Donald” and starts tweeting out foolishness in reply to all the haters talking about her money that she really doesn’t have anymore because she spent it on that fool.

Mama Paul is at a Jack and Jane event and they show her the video of Niecey.  Niecey’s stunt is getting Deja excluded from membership into Jack and Jane.  It’s so important to Mama Paul.  She has to regulate on them and remind them that they aren’t perfect in order to get Deja in.  It’s a reality check that they needed because those noses were all up in the air honey.

So MJ and PJ are discovering what happened as well.  They are really trying to stay out of it.  Meanwhile, Niecey meets up with Dante and he blows her off as he drives around in the car that she brought.  As soon as she gets home she gets served.  Her little twitter clapback comes back to haunt her.  Now she has to give back the $150k but she’s spent at least $50k on a car for Dante.  She never set up the trust.  She’s been loaning the money out, putting a down payment on a breast lift.  She’s been a whole ass fool.  Not a partial fool….a WHOLE FOOL.  Now, of course, they are going to try to get the money from MJ but she’s not even taking the call.

Niecey decides to stand up to Dante on her own and Dante’s other bm is driving the car.  She didn’t even know it was Niecey’s. They seem to have a civil conversation and decide to get their kids together to play so they can know each other as siblings.  At least there is some adult stuff happening from Niecey.  Luckily when MJ calls she actually gives her some good advice because Niecey was hurt after all that.  She finally realized that Dante was there for the money and she gathers a piece of self-esteem so maybe she won’t be #hurtbae

What do you think is in the future for Niecey? Has she learned her lesson?

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