Being Mary Jane – Season 4 Episode 4 Review

So the episode starts with the morning crew watching a video of a kid that is wearing a kilt whose dad assaults him and drags him away for wearing a kilt.  Justin doesn’t want to cover the story but MJ is all into it but she never gets her way.  Rhonda always gets to do whatever little story she thinks of even if it low-key ain’t ish. Turns out Garret likes MJ’s but he puts it on the table still because MJ didn’t come at it with a good angle which Justin points out when they talk afterward.  Justin is now producing all MJ’s stories.  MJ is clearly still caught up in the past and doesn’t trust Justin…with his fine ass…but Justin says he’s over the past.  He’d rather not work with her though because she’s a lowly web correspondent thought!

Kara is still hanging with the baseball player.  He’s getting fresh with her and saying he wants to go and get extra friendly.  She tries to shut it down but that doesn’t work.  They end up getting it in and she’s not feeling his jackhammer game.  Upon filling in MJ about the whack sex, MJ suggests she school him in the ways of pleasing a woman.  This could be good or this could be bad…actually…this just ain’t gonna be good.  Men and those egos, honey!

MJ is defiant as hell and puts the story online and it gets a lot of views.    Garrett wants MJ to get the young boy to interview him but MJ is having no luck finding this boy.  No one answers the door when she hunts for him so she has the idea to lure him out by getting the rapper who he’s influenced by on the show.  Justin is NOT feeling that idea because he doesn’t want to influence young black men to…you know…be free.  Rhonda feels the same way but slightly more homophobic.  Justin also brings up the good point that he saw a father trying to protect his son from harm…albeit harshly…he saw it and wouldn’t want the father painted as a monster.

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So Lee and MJ are having a conversation about kilts and sexuality.  She told him he crosses his legs like a girl.  She has mad empathy for the boy but she doesn’t want her man wearing them.  Lee is over her foolishness but since he prepared for American black women by watching reality tv shows he should be prepared for MJ’s views.  Also…I foresee MJ having hella issues with the baby mama because she’s going to be way more accepting of Lee.  They probably have a bomb co-parenting relationship.

Kara’s kids are really hype that she knows Orlando which she loves but she still doesn’t love the sex and she tells him that it isn’t that good.  He hasn’t had any complaints before so he says and she has to be like because those lil heffas were after the fame and they don’t know anything about sex in their 20s.  So is this a thing with athletes and famous dudes?  Do they not have to hone their technique because girls give it up regardless?  #AskingForAFriend  Sex Academy with Orlando isn’t going well.  He can’t handle all the critiques.  I almost think if the sexual chemistry is that off…you may need to give it up.  I don’t know many guys who could handle the Academy.  However, after he storms out, he shows back up at Kara’s another night and says if he can do all that he did on the field he can surely master lerarning how to satisfy her.  He finally gets it together and she gets hers!

Anyway, Kara is in a put it all out there mood and asks Justin why he’s maneuvering to get MJs stories.  She sees thru the fact that he’s getting MJs stories because he has everyone so worked up he wouldn’t have to work with her if he didnt WANT to.  He says that he works harder than anyone.  Kara says she’s smarter and MJ is a talent and it takes a special person to bring it out.

MJ and Lee go to meet with PJ and his mentor.  She wants to open more doors for people of color and break in the doors.  She got him the Rolex so that he fits in with “them”.  Their relationship seems to be on the up and up.  However, she asks him to keep an eye out on her young daughter.  This situation is going to be a hot mess.  I see that coming.

Justin is still pushing MJ because she has to do well for him to do well.  So he asks MJ what’s going on with her story. After she interviews the rapper, she hasn’t produced the young boy.   Justin makes her get off her butt to go find him.  This time she is successful but he’s not feeling the interview.  They have a good conversation about clothing and sexuality just as his father is walking up and says that the boy won’t do the interview.  The father confirms what Justin thought about trying to protect his son.  It seems, though, he hasn’t really talked to his son about it though.  He does the interview and it goes really well.  It was a win for MJ.  She still has jacked up thoughts about Lee and his masculinity, though.  I mean he’s British and he’s not extra swaggy.  But MJ…swag hasn’t been your ministry when it comes to men…so CHILL.  We also get to see that Justin is dating a sister and slightly hear that he may have daddy issues.  This will all be interesting!


What do you think of the season so far?  Is it poppin’ or could they do better?


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