Being Mary Jane – Season 4 Episode 3 Review

So MJ starts looking at some places and her brother is showing her a place. He’s in NY now killing it and house sitting for his newfound mentor in a 15 million dollar home.  Of course, MJ sees it and feels like it is her destiny.  She’s just like Niecey. She wants everything she can’t have.  Side note: PJ seems to have matured.  It seems like the men (although not initially) have most of the sense in the Paul family.

So MJ is already getting pump faked at work.  Life comes at you fast huh.  MJ and Kara are throwing out ideas and they are smacking them down.  Another girl there, Natalie, is getting overloaded with stories so they throw the whackest of ideas to MJ to do.  She’s none too pleased.

Justin is making critiques of MJ’s approach and everyone is falling into it.  They now don’t think serious interviews are for her.  However, to be completely honest, WHERE ARE THE LIES!  Justin may not have the best approach but he sees through MJ’s hype.  She wants that social media type fame and he says that isn’t for the mainstream.  We know that she doesn’t take advice or critiques well for the most part which is why I was so confused that she was all up under Rhonda.  At this point, she’s going to have to LEAVE that job.  Kara believes she just needs one good story. This is definitely where THE Cardi B comes in.


MJ is trying to do some research about her story and British Bae is there annoying the fuck out of her.  So, they are discussing looking for places but they both are.  They are also subtly discussing moving in together because it’s so expensive in NYC.  And now I know MJ is freaking nuts!! You don’t know anything about this man and you were about to drop him for another dude but now you wanna live with him.  GIRL!

MJ is intrigued by a character on a reality TV show played by the one and only Cardi B.  The character is Mercedes from “Family Brawlers”.  British Bae is all into the show and it’s been his crash course on American women.  Lawd if this is what men around the world AND in the states think about us.  Well…SMDH!  MJ wants to get Cardi on the show.  She’s doing a segment about pop culture and so it can tie in.  However,  Kara brings it up so no one thinks it’s from MJ.  Everyone is side eyeing it because…Mercedes is a live wire.  MJ ends up getting the story but JUSTIN is the producer on the segment, not Kara.  This will be INTERESTING!  They both seem uncomfortable with it. I understand MJ’s but not Justin’s.

They are discussing the past.  He sees right thru MJ’s approach.   He’s giving her MORE of the truth.   They may end up being allies if MJ can get over herself because it seems that he didn’t get WHY Rhonda asked him to come on board.  He’s full of himself but we’ll see how this unfolds.  BTW…damn he’s fine.

It seems like Kara is looking for her next pony to hitch up to.  She’s talking to this baseball player and trying to get him in on tv to be a sports pundit.  She takes him on as her personal project and she’s trying to get this guy loosened up to do this job.  She’s getting him all the way together.  I’m gonna stick a pin in them because there may be SOMETHING going on here!

British Bae is discussing with MJ her interview with Mercedes.  They start to discuss the places that MJ has been looking at.  They are discussing what they need for THEIR apartmentS I would hope but from the twinkle in MJ’s eyes…NAWL.  Then he asks the car stop.  They go into a sex shop.  MJ looks at him crazy when he’s not against a lil “finger fun”.  THIS is an interesting development.  BB likes a lil finger in his booty.  Aint nothing wrong with it but IDK if I’d volunteer my finger as tribute so soon.  But MJ…MJ’s trying to lock him down and freaky…so…SHE DID THAT!  GO GIRL!


It’s the day of the big interview and MJ goes to Justin to say Mercedes is there.  He gives her questions all about swimsuits and MJ doesn’t like it.  He tells her if she wants her job she better stay on script.  She sees Rhonda who is still for some reason giving her advice.  Rhonda gives her a tennis analogy essentially telling her her segment isn’t worth it bc her subject sucks and when the person you interview is whack so are you.  MJ is doing the interview about her swimsuit lingerie.  The interview goes astray and then ends it.  She then gets into it with Mercedes in the dressing room but they get along in the end because she goes off.  Justin is pissed about the interview but his whack

MJ is doing the interview about her swimsuit lingerie.  The interview goes astray and then MJ  ends it by taking a dig at Mercedes.  When walking by Mercedes dressing room she hears the ladies in there dogging her so she makes a u-turn to set them straight.  She then gets into it with Mercedes in the dressing room and it’s being recorded but they get along in the end because she goes off.  They see that she was just having to code switch for work.   Justin is pissed about the interview because as he predicted MJ went off script but if he had been open to some better questions, it may not have gone there. HONESTLY. TRULY.

MJ went viral for going off on Mercedes and it picked up because of conversation about double consciousness and code switching and the media heavy hitters are discussing her like MHP.   She’s done her MJ thing again.  However, because the game is DIRTY,  Rhonda said MJ should be on the web as the web correspondent.  So essentially she got DOWNGRADED.

Meanwhile, while getting downgraded at work, she also thought her relationship with BB was downgraded.  They were looking at a place she liked and he politely told her that she should only be looking at places for herself because she hasn’t even met his kids and he’s not moving in with her until that happens.  He got about 3 pieces of sense and she’s not here for it.  She kicks him out.   He shows back up at her house again later and gets her straight about how real relationships work.  I think he may be looking for dysfunction.  The fact that he watched “Family Brawlers” and is so obsessed with MJ lets me know he may be a little special.  Let’s not forget that he stalked her in the beginning.


So what do you think of MJ this episode? With Justin? With BB?  Also, should Kara mess with the baseball player?



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