Being Mary Jane – Season 4 Episode 2 Review

So…I’m back with reviews.  I missed episode one’s review and I’m just going to give you a brief summation before we get into episode 2.

Episode 1:

MJ and Kara are in NYC and we’ve just BREEZED over the situation with Niecey but there’s a settlement coming and MJ was fired for advocating for Niecey.  MJ has a new job and a new rival/mentor.  She is trying to find her husband …still…and hired a matchmaker that QUIT her.  She did come across a random British man though who she’ll do MJ fuckshit with of course.

Episode 2:

The episode opens with MJ in her feelings and getting it in with British Bae.  It then cuts to Neicey and her baby daddy getting it in. He’s out for a pay day trying to get her for her settlement.

MJ is at work falling asleep and ends up getting assigned to cover Rhonda’s award show.  Kara wants MJ to play dirty.  Rhonda calls her into her office to tell her that she chose her to cover the story and poses an alliance.

Rhonda tells her she needs a charity and hooks her up with her people.  MJ interviews him.  Kara isn’t amused and she thinks something is up with Rhonda and her charity or her questions at least elude to an issue that will likely come up later.

Rhonda has her stylist choose dresses for MJ.  I’m not trusting Rhonda quite yet either.  She could be all about getting MJ off her game.  We shall see.

MJ is back with British Bae and I still don’t think he’s cute.  Meh.

He seems to be attentive…but we shall see. He has two kids.  He tells her at the movie theater.  She can’t be mad…she ain’t tried to do anything but fuck him.  He moved to get more opportunity.  She is really closed off to him still.  Part of her issues.  lol

Niecey gets her settlement check and her baby daddy is there and trying to scam her out of her money.  I just want her to get some more confidence.  She’s definitely related to MJ.  They are THE SAME STUPID!   MJ suddenly tries to disinvite BB from the event and he sees straight thru her.  She’s so stuck on appearances that she misses all her opportunities.  I’m not sure he’s the one bc…obviously I don’t trust…but she’s a saboteur.

Niecey foolish ass is looking to go buy a car for her baby daddy.  He’s picking out a 45k car after she was looking at a decent 13k car.  This is effing ridiculous.  I can’t believe she bought a $45k car.  WTF!  I AM GETTING SICK every time i think about the fact that she thought this was a good decision.  He doesn’t like you boo boo.  That car won’t keep him.  He’s not even what you want.  Trash!

Kara has figured out that something ain’t that great with Rhonda’s charity.  Kara asks about Lee (BB) and MJ explains that he aint coming because he’s had a life.  MJ is talking to the guy who runs Rhonda’s foundation.  She’s flirting because he’s a handsome guy but we already know he must be shady.  Kara calls her off.  She’s leaving but she makes sure to tell MJ to get the information from Rhonda and the charity.  Kara came for the post it notes and MJ told her she just didn’t get it.

Niecey’s dad sees  Traveon with a toy car and he tells him he got it from Niecey’s other baby daddy and he mentions something about a red car.  Niecey BadDecisions Paul comes home with tons of bags.  Her father tries to point out that Dante/Baby Daddy’s timing is bad with the settlement.  She promises she won’t give him any money.  Her ol’ lying by omission ass.   She’s already bought him a 45k car.  I’m sick just writing that foolishment!

Rhonda nd MJ are having drinks after the awards ceremony.  MJ divulges who her back stabbing producer was…Justin Talbot. Rhonda is going to use this information…This has to be where Michael Ealy comes in!

She suggests ol boy takes her home…Corey.  This is a setup.  Mary Jane is walking back into the hotel and she sees BB at the door of the hotel.  MJ is a beacon for fuckery.  BB is not happy.  He reads her like a book.  “Magnetic but broken and running from what she wants most.”  HE SAID THAT.  I LIKE HIM NOW…AS HE LEAVES.

I’m glad BB  was there because Corey is up to no good. So the next day Kara and MJ look up Corey’s property and find another home with another person’s name…Claire Davenport.  Kara gets to investigating.  MJ still thinks Corey is going to be her “unicorn black man”.  Girl Bye! Kara is finding some good information.  They look up Claire Davenport and they suspect Corey’s been stealing money from the charity to pay for “Becky with the Brownstone”.  MJ says she has to find out the goings on and runs out the door.  MJ is PURELY NUTS but I suppose that works for her profession…no?  She heads down to the brownstone and we see Claire get out of the car and we see Rhonda’s husband with her.


MJ like a fool goes to “break the news” to Rhonda. I’m sure she already knew.  She’s good.  Rhonda says she understands that they have to tell Garrett.  Rhonda is about to come out guns blazing at MJ.  You can BET IT!

MJ is in her office lowkey feeling bad for Rhonda.  Rhonda decides to air out the information on her own but pins it all on Corey.  Kara realizes that MJ told her.  Kara is over MJ’s dumb decision making.  Corey took the fall for Rhonda.  He’s going to manage the accounts overseas and take a plea bargain.  MJ has gotten herself into some foolishment.  And how does MJ cope with foolishment…penis!  She’s in her room when she finds BBs notebook and reads it and laughs then stalks finds him (Sidenote: This season is really creepy with the pop-ups and stalkerizations…but I digress) and he’s hanging with his friends.  They all looking at her like she’s a heaux from the street.  LOL.  Another sign to back away MJ…he got loose lips!

He has her pour out her heart in front of everyone…shady. But ok.  He tells her to stop running and take a risk.  Ok just like that I’m not sure if I like him anymore.  Lol

So MJ is back at work and Justin Talbot is there at work.  IT’s Michael Ealy like I thought.  She walks up to his FINE ASS.  He’s the new senior producer.  Rhonda called.  She’s looking at MJ like “gotcha bish”.  This will be interesting.


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