Makeup is a Gold Digger

You see, I spent the better part of my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE avoiding this chick.  We’d pass each other and I’d nod like wassup, makeup.  I was forced to hang out with her like twice.  It wasn’t bad but you know, we just didn’t click.

That all changed in the last year or so.  First it was lipstick.  I mean who doesn’t love lipstick.  Actually, I think it was the emergence of the purple lip trend.  I LOVE PURPLE.  

Then, I got mascara…then eye shadows.  Then I took a break because I did not know what to do with the eye shadows.  I couldn’t possibly keep spending money for things that I had no clue how to use.  


This was good.  The harder applying makeup seemed to me, the less likely I was to want to spend coins to try new products, increase my collection, or just be cute(r).  I mean at this point…I didn’t even have brushes.

Then…IT HAPPENED.  I got tricked into doing a mac makeover.  I LITERALLY JUST WENT THERE FOR A LIP LINER!

I left with foundation, concealer, lip stuff, eye stuff, the liner i went for, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Since then, the makeup spirit has been strong.  I’ve bought new things and then guess what I HAD TO BUY THINGS TO STORE THE MAKEUP IN.  I had to get a beauty blender (from amazon though…bc…BRUH) because how else would I blend this highlight, low light, stop light, disco light situation that I’m supposed to learn how to do on my face? How????


Right now…I recently got an order from colour pop and I HAVE A NEED FOR MORE.  I think I’m going to start collecting cans.  So if any of y’all still drink sodas, put your cans in a plastic bag and I’ll come pick them up because I have to find a way to fund this GOLD DIGGER that has stolen my heart!!


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    Let me know how you like colour pop. I keep seeing ads on my timeline for them. I didn’t realize they were that affordable. The way my financial fast is set up, I shouldn’t be doing any online shopping, but $6 for lipstick?!?!?!

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      So far, I love everything I’ve gotten. I tried other stuff when I was home for Christmas because my sister has tons. I’ve used their lippies, liners, and highlight so far. Janae has tons of the shadows but I still suck at shadows but I’ll get on it soon.

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