Let me Vent – Blog Challenge Day 21

I don’t think I just vent enough. Half the time when you vent folks hit you all like “we need a resolution”! NO NO NO NO NO! I just need to freaking be like BLAH BLAH BLAHDEDDY BLAH EFF THAT BLAH BLAH BLAH. Usually if someone needs advice, lawd, you know it. Wayment…am I venting about venting? That aint what I came here for!

Anyway. I want to vent about this snow storm that has dropped at least 6 inches of snow outside on a SATURDAY! Why for? I had to go to work 30 mins away this morning because the school district decided it was open until 2.


  By 10 or 11 it was snowing. Before noon the roads were disappearED lol They decided to dismiss early at that point. GOOD! But too late but thank goodness. Im convinced if I had stayed til one i would still be on the road somewhere. So im THANKFUL to be home. There were several times when I saw cars spinning out and sliding but I just kept praying and my car kept making it!


Woo Child!! But forreal alla dis on a Saturday!! This would have so blessed my spirit on a Thursday or Friday especially. It would have set a MONDAY all the way off. Silver Lining (OTHER than making it home safely and stuff)…my car aint as covered with snow as my neighbors because I spent so much of the storm on the road.  As well the hot car melted what fell i’m sure for at least an hour after i got home.  I aint gon’ clean it til Monday anyway. LOL But Saturday…you trippin son! I already don’t feel good. I don’t even have the respiratory fortitude to cuss about this any longer. See yall tomorrow!

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