Lent 2018

I feel like I get on here every year and talk about Lent and I feel like I give up the same things every year.  That has to change this year.  I keep giving up things that I know I’m gon’ run right back to after Lent because…well…I want them.  So in an effort not to deny myself, I’m not doing that this year.  I’m actually going to give up something that I really want to get rid of so that I’m more likely to let it stay gone and that’s clutter.

I’ve done pieces of this in the last few years and gotten rid of items but it wasn’t really formal.  There’s this Image floating around on facebook about 40 items in 40 days and that’s what initially sparked this desire years ago.  I went through with it in 2016 and all the items came out of the trunk of my car.  Subsequently, I got a new car shortly after.  Tidying up is truly magic.  Well this year, my girl Tanisha of Natural Born Organizers is doing a Spring Declutter Challenge for Lent.


I’m going to be aggressive and try to do 15-30 minutes a day of getting rid of things.  My first focus will be on my clothes because I need the space.  My closet is slightly smaller in my apartment in Louisiana than it was in Maryland.  So, I need to clear some room.  Plus, I have a shopping addiction I’m working on as well.  I will keep you guys up to date on the venture on social media.

I also add something for Lent.  This year I’m adding Journaling and being more social.  I’m going to try to say yes to as much as possible.

Are you giving up anything or adding anything for Lent?

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    So proud of you Whit!!!!

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