Lay me down – Blog Challenge Day 11

Man…i love Sleep.  Me and sleep are so cool.   Like I try to pretend like we not cool and stuff.  I stay up late…but I’m still gonna go to sleep.  When I have to part from sleep in the morning, my heart breaks a little.  Sleep stays calling out for me while I’m at work.  Sometimes I have to go see it on my lunch break.  Just for a moment though because if I stay too long it could be an issue.

I feel like I thought sleep wasn’t cool before but no no no…i was WRONG!  Folks talking about “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”…no you won’t…you don’t know what you’re missing.  Sometimes, I kick it with sleep on the couch or on a saturday afternoon back under the covers of my bed and I think I done went to heaven.  It’s epic!  It’s clutch!

SLEEP IS EVERYTHING!  I think we should have ABC123 rugs in all of our offices like in Kindergarten so I can lay down a mat at 12:30 and refresh my spirit!

MATTER OF FACT…I’m about to go boo-love with sleep RAHT NOW!  See yall tomorrow!


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