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What are 6 words that you believe describe you best?

Thoughtful, generous, funny, encouraging, loyal, growing

What are you the Beyonce of?

I am the Beyonce of making a plan, checking it twice, and working the wheels off of that plan!  I am also the Beyonce of pretending to be Beyonce in the mirror when i do my makeup 🙂 

What advice would you give to your 15 year old self?

I would tell my 15 year old self to not worry so much about being liked or popular but spend more time learning to be kind to yourself and your own best friend and biggest supporter.

If you had to be cast on a reality tv show:  Which show would it be and why?

RHOA…but just for one episode! I love the show and I think it would be fabulous to have hair and make up done by whomever does their hair and makeup (except Nene’s hair) and to flounce around ATL feeling myself…but just for one day!

What’s your self-care regime?

Great question because 2016 is about self care for me in large and small ways.  My biggest self care goal this year is to train and fine-tune the narratives I replay in my head each day about myself.  The narratives that say who I am, what I am capable of,  what motivates me, how I will respond in the face of failure and disappointment, etc.  My smaller self care goals include taking care of my body by working out consistently, eating for longevity, caring for my skin by using quality products, caring for my 4c hair by treating it gently even when I’m short for time and frustrated! And of course investing in my relationships because doing that rejuvenates me in ways that other things cannot. 

What makes you FEARCE?

I am FEARCE because my Savior made me in His image.  The good news is, you’re FEARCE too!
You can find Kendrea on Social Media here: Instagram: mskennydoll

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