Juicing Lately

This past weekend was just…YEA!  Juicing did not enter much of the equation.  Anyway…back to the grind!

I had juice for lunch yesterday…it was pretty good.  I got full super quick off of it and sipped it all the way to 3pm.

Here’s a pic.

It’s 1 beet, 2/3 pineapple, 3 carrots, 1 cucumber (small), 1 orange…YUMMY!

Today I’m juicing again for lunch…but running around couponing for an hour wore me out.  I only had energy to cook not juice too.  So with no shame…this is my juice for today!

They are definitely good in a bind…but not as the main juice!  I’ll be making 4 juices tonight to get me through at least Thursday.  I’ll update on the recipes and with pics!


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