Juices 1 #sexyshred #juicefast

So here are a few of the juices I’ve made.  Just wanted to post a few pics.  I’ll come back and add recipes (though most of my pics are just ingredients lol).  I made up or tweaked recipes I had found.  It just gets to the point of throwing in what I have. lol 


image_2 image_3 photo (1) image_1 image_3

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    You will have to share some recipes with me. I just bought a vitamix and am making smoothies and juice.

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      I’ll definitely be updating with more recipes. My coworker bought her vitamix into work. I’ve made strawberry banana smoothies in it. I juice 3 red delicious apples at home and bring it in. I freeze fresh strawberries and a banana. I put it all in the vitamix with protein powder and flax seed and it’s yummy!!

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