Juice Fast and #SexyShred Days 4-9

So i was slacking on the blogging.   Forgive my TIRED SPIRIT!! yes Lawd!!

Anyway…I’ve been EXHAUSTED.  When you aren’t consuming little/no solid food your body needs REST.  Since I was doing mostly juice (i know you’re reading this like ma’am we’re you supposed to do all juice…i’ll get to that in a minute) these days, I was ready to lie down for bed around 8:30-9pm NIGHTLY.  Workouts were not happening.  I did do a little walking and arm, leg, and abs exercising but MAN was I tired.


So getting to this all juice thing.  So I started 100% juice on Friday.  I got through 95% of the day.  When I got home, I kept drinking and drinking and drinking and my body was like “b****, I’M NOT PLAYING WITH YOU” lol.  So i made a very small bowl of rice.  I ate about half that and I was full and ready for bed.  My body just needed something.  I was READY for Saturday but i wasn’t PREPARED.  I have a second job and i was working two assignments from 9-1 and 2-4.  Needless to say, I drank most of my juice Friday so …I only had 12oz to take with me for this whole time.  FAIL.  By the time I was on my way to assignment number two…this was me…

So I ran by panera and grabbed a half salad and cup of soup.  LIFESAVER!!  I finished the day with only Juice.  Sunday, I decided I needed to add back something because I was so tired.  I woke up and made my breakfast to go so I could run errands.  I had a nice apple cucumber juice with added protein!!

I made a nice pot of greens with steamed turnips to have for dinner.  I continued to juice breakfast and lunch and have the greens for dinner on Monday.  Tuesday (down 5.2lbs may I add) I went to the Dr.  She suggested I definitely add more food back in especially protein and MORE carbs on days I start back doing spinning and do my NEW swimming lessons (yay me!!).  So I’ve taken that advice and added baked Tilapia into the diet.  I had that with greens on Tuesday night.

Yesterday was a two jobs day so I ate lunch.  I had a few greens, pinto beans (homemade), and baked tilapia.  I juiced breakfast and lunch!

Things are going well!!  Hopefully this weight loss continues and I continue to feel good.  Although I’m tired in the evenings, I’m definitely more awake during the day!!


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