Juice Fast and #SexyShred Days 1-3

Day 1 and 2 were pretty breezy!  I knew I could eat at lunch and at dinner.



I had been replacing meals with juice the week before so doing 1 meal was nothing at all.  I even taught my weekly 3 hour class on Wednesday night.  I found myself a little hungrier than normal.  That’s probably because after tracking my calories for two days, I was GREATLY under for both days!  Eeek!! That made me a little nervous for the continuing days of 67% and 100% juice!  I worked out day 1 but I was starting to question just HOW MUCH i can really do on a fast. Day 3 was yesterday.  It was a 67% juice day.  I only drank 32oz of juice for the day.  28 oz of green tea and 64oz of water were also consumed.  I had a second juice to drink but i had a MID DAY BREAK DOWN.  I was starving all morning…STARVING.  I stunted the hunger by drinking my green tea.  After that, I wanted FOOD.  I just wanted to chew on and eat something…ANYTHING.  It was sooo weird!  So in no way shape or form did i want my other juice.  So i didn’t have it!  Around 3pm…THE WORLD ENDED.  I got so irritable…rude…unhappy…annoyed.  I was not my normal self.  And again, I was STARVING.  I got so weak, I had to grab food on the way home.  I chose Sushi.  OMG…SUSHI IS SOOO NOT CLEAN.  #SEXYSHRED FAIL!!  EEEK.  But I can’t be perfect all the time.  But the Sushi was good (only got 1 small roll) and was what I needed to not pass out. I tried to stop by the farmer’s market that is literally 1 min from my apt on Thursdays and Saturdays but their credit card machine was broken!! WTF MATE!! Yall won’t let me be great!!


  I’m 100% juice today!  I’ll blog about how that goes later. I also have a goal of consuming at least 96oz of water a day (including my green tea as water). I’ll do a post later on the juices I’ve been making!! Whitney

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