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So, today’s spotlight on FEARCE is a little different.  It’s a combination of a spotlight on FEARCE and a FEARCE feature because when someone is making moves like Jeanine Daniels, you have to create a hybrid of sorts to display all that amazing creative genius in one person.  Jeanine is a writer, director, editor, producer, artist and all around creative person.  She’s definitely not new to this.  She’s a student of her craft and there isn’t any task she’s unwilling to do to get the job done.  That makes her the definition of a leader.

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Jeanine has put out some of the dopest content in the last few years.  You may recognize her from the web series “That Guy” that she created.  “That Guy” was one of those “moments in black” where I noticed that folks who I KNEW had no interest whatsoever in youtube or web series were watching this show.  It was something that was needed, real, and relatable.  And if Jeanine can create something like “That Guy” without the most basic of resources, my mind can’t even begin to comprehend what is to come from her.  THIS MOVEMENT WILL BE EPIC!


When I got the chance to interview Jeanine, I had to do my best to hold swag and not just yell out “girl you know you dope as hell” every few minutes.  I’m pretty sure she would have blocked me on all her social media.  I’m not crazy Jeanine…except on Wednesdays.

Currently, Jeanine has an INDIEGOGO campaign in order to get the things necessary for her to continue on this journey to bring us her unapologetically creative vision.  The campaign has FOUR MORE DAYS TO GO and is 66% FUNDED!  I’m pretty sure, we can make sure she smashed through her goal by her deadline.  You can find the campaign here: CONTRIBUTE NOW.  Take your lunch tomorrow, don’t go to Starbucks, gather that change in the bottom or your bag and donate.  No donation is too small and well…none are too big either.  And not like you needed another reason, her perks are amazing too.  You even get a perk for a $1 contribution.

Without further babbling, here’s the interview:

What are 6 words that you believe describe you best?


Strange. Sarcastic. Observant. Logical. Introvert . Relatable


 Tell us about your business/passion and what motivated you to start this business/passion.

I grew up doing the 90s, when Black images on screen were as authentic as they could have been and as honest as they were allowed to be. Then POOF. They all disappear and I no longer identified with anything I saw on screen. As a child, I knew I was a “different” kind of storyteller”. I always pulled from real life, and I enjoyed drawing myself, my friends and family. As I got older, my drawing and short stories turned into little mini novels. My characters still remained an expression of my surroundings and people who were real to me. When I got to college I exchanged my pen and paper for a camera, and that was when it hit me. There was no other choice for me; this was my calling. From then on, it became my calling; to accurately and unapologetically represent the Black experience as a universal one. And when I decided to venture out on my own in October 2015, i knew my vision hadn’t changed, just the way in which I went about it.


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You currently have a Indiegogo Campaign.  What can people expect when this campaign is funded. 


I cant really go into detail about it too much but I can say this; I’ve always delivered content that resonated across genders, ages, backgrounds,and races, despite having a Black focus, and I’ll continue to do just that. People can expect new content, original music, contemporary story lines, and brand new merchandise. I’m building something revolutionary and I’ve partnered with a production/post house, and we will significantly change the game in #June2016


What makes you FEARCE?


Being vulnerable. I can be loud, in your face, and matter of fact all up and down the block. But at the end of the day, I’m not afraid to say “I don’t know” or “I need help”. My transparency within personal and business relationships, while following my gut and coupled with a great team supporting me is what makes me FEARCE.

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You can find Jeanine on Social Media here: IG/Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr: @MsAuntieNeen


Go CONTRIBUTE TODAY! What are you waiting on?!  Support DOPE CREATIVES like Jeanine Daniels!




Picture Credits
Model: MsAuntieNeen
Photographer: Brandon Banks
MUA: Michelle Threatt
Stylists: Shawanna Davis
Outfits Designed by : Leckicia Garland


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