Insecure as F**k – Insecure Episode 1

So, the episode starts off with Issa at her job trying her best to present to some kids.  They hit her with the typical we don’t care about school reactions.  They come at her with “Why you talk like a white girl” …this that moment when you realize you shouldn’t cuss kids out… #JesusWorkingOnMe.  Then another girl asks “What’s wrong with your hair…my cousin can put some tracks in it”.  They even come at her asking her if she’s single and saying men don’t want to deal with black women!

  Like why in the first 2 minute did these chirren read my educated, single ass hell,  natural hair having black life out on film…WHATEVER.  THEY DON’T KNOW MY STRUGGLES!

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Next we get the background on how Issa’s boss started a non-profit to help the urban youth but Issa is the only person of color in the office which means she’s hereby the token that they ask about all the “black stuff”.  So as we do…we either give it to ’em, look at them like they are dumb, or do like Issa and pretend like “I don’t know what that means”.

So, to let out her aggression, Issa writes raps.  Yall…in college, me and a guy Brandon said we were going to be a rap group named Ignant Niggas and we were going to be the hottest ish out.  If we had known the direction rap would go in…we would have definitely released our singles.  Me, Brandon, Issa…DOPE SHIT!

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Now we meet Molly…bee tea dubs…Molly is played by Yvonne Orji who I went to car-ledge (yes car-ledge not college…lol) with.  She’s dope.  But back to Molly…sorry for the digression.


Molly has it all together career wise.  EVERYBODY LOVES MOLLY.  She’s good in corporate and good in the hood.  She’s everyone’s bestie and SINGLE!  Slightly bitterly single.  Molly always keeps it real…sometimes maybe too damn real.  I just want yall to be aware that when the first royalty check comes…I’m quitting my job.  It’s OBVIOUS that Molly was written based on my life…like clutch my pearls! 

Molly goes on these dates with great guys who seem to be in to her…she gets excited…they don’t want to commit.


So Issa and Molly are at dinner for Issa’s birthday and Molly is lamenting about her dating life.  Bruh…I just had this conversation with my linesister.  I’m about to be PAID YALL!  My linesister didn’t tell me this but Issa told Molly her pussy was broken.  Issa then talks about how she’s over her boyfriend or more like her live in jobless boyfriend.  She’s in that good comfortable relationship…and she’s over it dot com.  He ain’t what God planned for her life it seems.


So Issa wants to get her life right.  She’s about to turn 30 so she may as well go for what she wants.  She speaks up at work and she messages her old bae!

Meanwhile, Molly walks into work and her coworker (who is dating a black guy) is engaged.  She can’t handle it.  GIRL…welcome to the club!  So as she vents to Issa…Issa loops her into a scheme to go see old bae at a hole in the wall.


As Issa is going out to meet Molly, she is talking to her boyfriend and mentions to him that she settled.  He gives her the “I’m getting my life together” story about his business plan and she starts the break up talk.  She bursts out the door and says she’s staying with Molly before her can get his sweatpants wearing eating cereal out the big bowl ass up to stop her.  I think he almost tripped over his potential that’s in his way.

So at the club, Molly meets a cutie. They’re chatting it up.  Then Issa slides to the bar and runs into old bae.  As Drake plays in the background.  We know it’s about to be some boo-loving with Drake playing.   Molly is giggling and leaning cutely against the wall with new cutie while Issa is chatting it up with old bae.  She gets dared into performing one of her raps…she wraps about BROKEN PUSSY.  This messes Molly’s groove up.  She says OUT LOUD that Issa is talking about her.  So…New cutie rolls all the way to the left to the left.   MOLLY IS PISSED!

GIRL…if my bestie was up there talking about how I was single because my pocket book was broken…girl I’d fall all the way on the floor and die of embarrassment! raw-1


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Issa slides off to meet old bae (whose name is Daniel btw) and she gets there and gets her FEELINGS HURT when he pretty much lets it be known he ain’t here for no relationship…he probably just tryna get DEM DRAWS.  Issa goes back to Molly with gifts of forgiveness…cheetos and dip …they make up.





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    Wow! This show sounds suer intense. I think l’m turning into a prude in my old age 😉

    1. Reply

      Oh no!! It’s not so bad. It’s an acquired taste but it’s real!

  2. Reply

    I’ve got to see this show. Sounds very interesting!

    1. Reply

      It’s definitely a must see. Episode one is on Issa Rae’s YouTube now

  3. Reply

    I was a huge fan of Awkward Black girl, so I know I’ll love this show. Thanks for the recap.

    1. Reply

      Yup if you like ABG you’ll love this

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    ROFL…Love this recap! Issa is off the hook and I have to check this show out. She was doing press for it last week on the View and she looked fabulous.

    1. Reply

      Yesss! Thanks for the love

  5. Reply

    I watched and I loved it! I wasn’t ready for some of the language, but that’s real life. I only curse less now because I have kids…

    1. Reply

      It is HBO! I hadn’t thought about it at first but it was REAL

  6. Reply

    I hadn’t heard of this show. Sounds interesting for sure!

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      Definitely check it out

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    I fell in love with it the first episode. It’s real, funny and we have ALL been there in some point of our lives. Thanks for the recap.

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    Thanks for the summation! I heard awesome things about it. Gotta check it out.

    1. Reply

      Definitely do! Thanks for reading

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    I haven’t heard of this show before. It sounds pretty intense. I’ll have to look it up. Does it stream on Hulu?

    1. Reply

      Im not sure but episode one is on Issa’s YouTube channel now. I love her work. Check it out

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    We don’t have HBO, but if I did, i would definitely check it out. I’ve admired Issa Rae since her Awkward Black Girl days.

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      Check out episode one on her YouTube and girl borrow someones hbogo login lol

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    This show sounds really interesting. I am going to have to check it out. I forgot it premiered last weekend.

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