I’m on my Carl Thomas – Emotional

I’m just gonna play some Sam Smith in the background of this post so yall can be in your feelings by the end of the post like me.


Misery loves company…but don’t stay too long.

It seems like every other moment…I’m all up in my feelings.  Like good…bad…ugly.  I’ve moved in there.  I’m late on rent and everything.

I’ll so wake up in the morning like “Woo child I feel good” (OK that’s really lies and propaganda because me and the morning don’t see eye to eye.  However…I be making it.  Anyway) I order my life and get out the door and roll on yonder to where ever I’m going (read: work).

But then…she has a flashback or THAT SONG comes on the radio or you know some random hormonal balance I’m experiencing just takes over and then I’m all like

But OK. I’m at work.  And I’m a thug and I’m THE LIFE OF THE PARTY (read: I give you the snark you need to make it through your day)

Then I’m alone in my office for too long and there’s too much work.  And what do you do when there’s too much work…nap.  Well, I don’t want to get fired so I don’t nap.  And then I think and did you know that thinking should be outlawed.  The mind is a terribuh place to dwell.  Now here I go again.

OH but wait…food and youtube.  It must be lunch.  I can surely make it to 5pm.

So back to the car and the ride home.  I’ve made it through the day and I’m holding myself together. I’m really fine.  I’m OK! Right?!!

Let me just drown myself in more youtube, tv, and cookies because I have a long day of more emotions to deal with tomorrow.


When will it end?!?!


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