I’m not a fan of Weather

I was born in the summer and in the south, so I’ve always been a fan of warmer weather.  However, being in DC, the summers are sometimes unbearable with the humidity.  It wasn’t as bad when I first got here but as my breathing issues have progressed it’s making the summer less and less enjoyable.

Then there are winters.  DC winters used to be a joke.  It would be scheduled to snow and then the sky would laugh like

It never snowed.  If it did, it would be like every 4 years like it went away for college or something.  I was ok with that. I like a snow day but if I can get around freely all the time and it’s not too cold, I’m ok.  I don’t like the winter so it needs to be as pleasant as possible.  I hate having to put on a hat, gloves, scarf, boots, coat, face guard, ear muffs, and the armor of the Lord on to just step outside to grab my newspaper.

So, I can only bring myself to like mild weather.  The spring is ok mild but you know the pollen is out in spring and the breathing is difficult.  I think Fall may be my new favorite.  This is a hard realization.  Summer has always been my favorite.  However, when the temperature dropped down for the first part of this week and I stepped outside and was able to take a deep breath.  It felt miraculous.  I was shocked. Like..I ..know…how…to…BREATHE.

The fact that I wanted to cuff the Fall was even more apparent when I got off work today.  The loving and caring and cool and humidity lacking feel of outdoors had transformed.  When i walked out, it was hot and muggy and my chest got tight.  It was good while it lasted.  I’ll be taking a nebulizer treatment tonight.  Fall weather…come back.  I think I might love you!

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