I work too much – August 1st

So when I decided to do this daily blogging challenge, I had a completely different post planned for day one.  Since, technically, I still NEED to write that post, it will likely pop up soon.

However, today I have to blog about exactly what I’m feeling.  I WORK TOO MUCH!  I mean I have several jobs which is fine but compounded it can be a lot.

When you have one job, it’s not always easy.  Sometimes it can be stressful or annoying and you just don’t want to go.  Now imagine that compounded with several jobs.  I’m super annoyed right now.  I’m annoyed with one of my part time jobs and I’m sitting at my full-time job so that annoyance is just radiating from my spirit! LOL I’m sure i’ll be alright especially since my full-time job closes at noon today.

And even while I’m winning I’m annoyed.  I count on one of my part-time jobs to provide me with my nice spending money so I can gather FINE ACCOUTERMENTS  plan trips, or eat (it’s hard out here sometimes).  So, when they begin playing with my money…I get in my feelings.

So I have to step to them like

BUT … YALL NEED TO GET IT TOGETHER DOT COM before I end up taking my talents to the proverbial SOUTH BEACH (AND I won’t be back like Lebron…hey boo hey)!


Anyway…my OTHER part-time IS GIVING ME LIFE but I want more because…GREEDY! But it’s the first of the month and I’m gon’ let them acquire some get right before I side-eye them with the realest of side-eyes.  But while I wait, I’ll just sit over yonder and chant with my homegirl from the commercial.





p.s. I know I’m blessed to have a job and multiple jobs at that but one can vent can’t she!

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