I Quit Online Dating

I was burnt completely out of online dating.  So, I quit online dating!

Will it be forever? Nope.  Mostly it was just for the month of August.  I deleted all the apps from my phone: Tinder, Bumble, PoF, and OKCupid.  I feel like SoulSwype was deleted before the mass deletion but anyway.  I just needed to get away from it because it was driving me crazy.

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You see, I’m at a weird place where I want to meet people and go out on dates but I don’t go out that much for several reasons.  I typically also don’t meet a lot of men when I’m out.  So Online dating is cool with me.  Also, a lot of my friends are in relationships, dating, or married.  That doesn’t put pressure on me but it reminds me that I’m single sometimes.

 Single is fine.  I’m fine with single but I don’t want to be single.  


I’m also live in an area where I don’t have any family so the kid is kind of alone.  Since I’m sick…that makes it kind of hard on me a lot.  So, I’d love to meet someone so I can have someone.  I refuse to rush it though.  I’m not desperate and I still have standards.  Great!

Single is fine. I'm fine with single but I don't want to be single. Click To Tweet

So…why did I delete my online dating profiles?  I deleted them because they were doing more harm than good currently.  I had met someone earlier in the summer and went out on a few dates then it didn’t work out.  So, I was feeling in the groove of dating so I wanted to keep in the swing.  But…online dating was a dud.  So, I’d swipe here and there.  I’d see some guys that seemed interesting but nothing popped.  I saw guys I knew were in relationships…sideeye.  Then I saw an ex.  I needed a break.

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Sometimes, when I’m bored, I miss swiping and I feel like maybe I’m missing out right now.  But…one month away won’t hurt and the month is pretty over.  Will I gleefully run back to my apps on tomorrow, September 1st at midnight…I doubt it.  Maybe at 830am once I get to work that day LOL.  I’m enjoying the break though and just not depending on swiping to cure boredom.  So, I feel like I will go back to it with a clearer head and with a purpose and not just a boredom cure.

Have you ever quit online dating?


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    I was just encouraging my best friend to consider online dating – however, everything you stated in this post she also stated to me! LOL, this was spot on. Thanks for sharing!


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