Goddess Twist on old blowout




I blew out my hair a few weeks ago and started with a cute bantu knot out.  That lasted all of 4.675 hours before my hair poofed up to 4 times the side it was when I started.  No exaggeration! It was huge.  So, since DC wasn’t going to ban the humidity for me, I decided to do other styles.  I did a combo of twisted fronts and buns and ponytails.  The plan to stretch the blowout a last week was devised towards the end of last week when I realized I’d have NO time to wash my hair this past weekend.  My plan was the do twists and wear a twistout.  Well…FAIL DOT COM.  It was late Sunday night and I hadn’t done anything.  I had been looking at goddess braid and goddess twist youtube videos for a few days and decided to try it out.   So, I did.  It turned out well.  I have a lot of hair on my head so next time I want to experiment with doing it a little different for a sleaker look.  Maybe two rows going back.  What cha think?





The two twist penned together even give it a slight illusion of it being a Goddess braid.  But trust…it’s twists. I can’t cornrow to save a life.  And that closeup is ROUGH honey!  Tying it down for the night and a few extra pins this morning fixed that.  This blowout is on it’s VERY LAST!



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