Giving it up – Blog Challenge Day 17

As we enter into the Lenten season, everyone is discussing what they are giving up.  Folks are giving up meat, fast food, social media, liquor, sweets…all types of stuff.

So, of course, that got me to thinking.  “Whitney…are you giving up anything this year?”  My initial response is “Well…what can I give up?”  I HAVE NO CLUE.

Last year, the lenten season began when I was in the hospital.  Therefore, my standard reply for what I gave up was that I gave up my “gall bladder and a week of my life that I was sedated”.   That was easy and it was done EARLY! lol

Hey…gotta be able to joke about stuff right.


Anyway…This year is about positivity and ADDING to my life.  So then I thought…maybe I want to add something for Lent.  BUT WHAT?  I’m such an awful decision maker.  Like TURRIBLE!  Well…It’s more so that I don’t like to make on the fly decisions.  I like to think about them.  If I can’t make a quick decision, I generally think that it’s for a good reason.  Usually, I find a better solution, price, alternative that would not have been available had a made the quick decision.


Anyway…rambling.  Maybe I’ll give up rambling.  WAIT…i’m adding something.  My bad.


Let me go look at my 30 before 30 list here —> THE LIST     Maybe I can kill some birds with some stones.


OK OK.  So I think I got it!  The Journaling and the Positivity Jar.  I’m going to make sure I Journal every day.  I have to write SOMETHING.  As well, I’ll have to find one #silverlining about the day to put in my Positivity Jar.  It’s been sparse so far because the beginning of the year was ROUGH!


Ok that’s it!  I did it!


Now…What are you giving up or adding for lent?


See ya tomorrow?

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