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So, the summer is coming to a close soon and I’m really unable to deal.  Just…it does not stay long enough for me.  I love the heat and the ability to leave my house and not have to put on a billion layers just to STILL be cold.  However, with the heat comes the thirst.  It’s hot and steamy in the DMV area.  To add to this, I need to get back on my weight loss kick.  My doctor finally OFFICIALLY cleared me to work out.


Working out in this heat has been a combination of things.  Mainly…I walk around and play pokemon go and do a little working out at home.  I quickly realized I had the need to drink WAY MORE WATER.  This is when I looked in my house and realized I had to water containers that needed new filters.  So, I pulled up to my computer (because aint NOBODY got time to go to the store…there are pokemon to catch) and went straight to Groupon Goods.  And BAM! HYDRATION

mineral water with strawberries, ice and mint
 water with strawberries, ice and mint

Since Groupon blessed my spirit, I can now pour up, drank…wake up, drank.  I can make those fancy fruit waters yall claim are so delicious and keep from being Thirsty, my friend.  MAJOR KEY!

Groupon also has a bunch of other stuff on there.  I literally had to take a step back and be like…YOU AINT GOT NO MONEY FOR ALL THIS.  There were water bottles, mugs, exercise equipment…whatever your heart desires.  Groupon better be my new best friend.  I mean we were always cool but if you keep acting like this…you may be Bae!

Make the ultimate vision board now!

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What have yall gotten good from Groupon Goods?

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