“FIRST”: Season 1 Review – Episodes 1-2

FIRST draws you in from the FIRST scene to the last.  You always want more.

“The First Date”

Episode 1 opens up with a school talent show.  You see some guys perform then a group of ladies.  One of the young men is awaiting the ladies to finish with flowers.

Flash forward to today, a man is standing at a door with flowers.  As this episode is titled “The First Date”, we know he’s showing up to take a young lady out.

From their interaction it doesn’t seem like they are unfamiliar with each other.  There’s that awkward first date thing (that i’ve heard about) but they seem to be pretty comfy.

They get to reminiscing and we find out they were the young kids in the talent show.  Charlie was there to give the flowers to Robin but another girl thought they were for her and kissed him…so he went with it.   Her name was Nikki.

The First Date is actually a poetry session with one of Charlie’s friends.  It’s super cute.  They write haikus to each other but can’t read them until the next day.  They then pick some food up from the market and go back to Charlie’s to cook.  Seems like they are definitely old buddies.

Their interactions are cute and relatable.  From the reminiscing, the awkward stares, the cutesy moments, and the kiss.  They are way into each other but aren’t trying to rush it.

“The First Call”

Robin wakes up in Charlie’s bed.  OH SNAP.  Nothing happened.  (She better than me…yall know I love Will Catlett…jk tho)

She has to get to work (at her house…smooth move chica) so they head off to take her home.  He wants to see her again.  She says she’ll let him know after she reads his haiku and will call him after.    (Go Robin…take charge girl).

They both immediately read the haikus once they are apart.  They feeling each other.


Charlie’s boy, Brock, who held the poetry session for them is teaching Charlie’s students.  He is cool too.  I like this group of guys in this show.

So…we’ve all been here before.  Charlie and Robin are BOTH looking at their phones like hmmm.  Charlie is like “When Bae gon ring my line” and Robin is like “hmmm he can wait…I don’t wanna be PRESSED”.  Brock tells him to “be patient”.

So…she calls…cuteness happens.  Like Will…you better PLAY CHARLIE!  I love how he plays the character… #SWOON

She suggests another meet up…

I want to watch an episode of FIRST EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. at this point… (I mean the fact that I’m rewatching it to tell yall about it should show you how much it ROCKS)

Can I also tell you that FIRST has the most awesome soundtrack like ever.  AMAZING!  And right now you can DL Season 1’s soundtrack.  Where?  You gotta ask me! 

You get into it yet?  Love it? Love it MORE?  Let me know.

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