FIRST: Positive Black “Television”

I’m absolutely in love with the Web Series: First!  It’s on the Issa Rae channel on youtube.  We know since Awkward Black Girl, Issa Rae has blown up and has been provided the platform to bring the world some quality programming.  She hasn’t let me down yet.  Even if she let me down…as long as First keeps being so AMAZING…i’d over look it.

I recently decided that I wanted to go ahead and do recaps and reactions to each episode.  We’re just in the beginning of season 2 and there will be about a month until the next regular episode.  In that time, I’ll go back and do a recap of season one and I’ll do posts on each episode in Season 2.  Definitely check it out for yourself and come back to check out my feelings and reactions.


Let me tell you how excited I am to go back and watch this AGAIN from the beginning.  I’m likely just using this as my excuse to watch the episodes over and over.  But believe me…they are that good.  It’s quality, positive, black, ENTERTAINMENT!  The characters are amazing and the chemistry.  I may or may NOT have a crush on Will Catlett.  He’s just so talented.  Jahmela Biggs may or may not be my bestie in my head as well.  LOL


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