Every time the beat drop – Blog Challenge Day 8

When I considered what to write for my first post about my favorite things, it was super obvious.  But, who wants to be obvious.  I wanted to have something that was super interesting that I could all explain how cool it was and shit.  Something to make you go “oooo”.  Dah well.  You gon’ get what you get!  And what you will get is a post about my love of music.

I’m just going to start with this quote by my cousin Albert Einsten:

Quotation-Albert-Einstein-life-music-Meetville-Quotes-182566Can we discuss how this is the realest thing ever quoted.  If I had a dream career it would involve music some way.  Usually, I’d day I’d be a choreographer because the rhythm of the music is so enchanting and I see movements associated with EVERY song.  I’d possibly like to maybe play multiple instruments and be this epic musician.  Who knows?  But I’d definitely be centered around music.

I’m a fan of pretty much any type of music.  I can’t really get into like heavy metal and techno but if they house your Heart Songs…then do you boo boo…do you!

I listen to music ALL DAY!! I get up and turn on pandora, get in the car and listen, listen to pandora all day at my desk, listen in the car, and IF I dont feel like watching TV when I get home…you guessed it…MORE MUSIC.  Pandora is blessing my soul with Boyz II Men as I type this.  AMEN!  WONT HE DO IT!!

My one and only tattoo is even music related…see…

IMG_2569It’s a heart with headphones on and the rhythm of the music is beating through the heart.  yyyaaassssss

Music is a cure all.  You can listen when you’re happy, sad, angry, hungry, in love, heartbroken, lonely, and whatever and be met with something to fill your soul with what you need.  Whether that need is to stay all up in the feelings you have or to get out of it…MUSIC HAS YO BACK, SON!!

Anyway…music is dope!  I choose music over you!  Music is Bae!  It bees here for me!


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