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What are 6 words that you believe describe you best?

kind, thoughtful, hungry, intelligent, talented, poetic.

What are you the Beyonce of?


 I am the Beyonce of spinning a narrative through sharp imagery and wordplay.

What advice would you give to your 15 year old self?

 Don’t cry over what other people have to say. Recognize that maliciousness comes because they’re hurt children and they need your sympathy not your anger. There’s too much work to be done in the world to be worrying over what others do or don’t say about you.

If you had to be cast on a reality TV show:  Which show would it be and why?


 Definitely Chopped. I’m OBSESSED with Chopped. I love the competition aspect of the show, the way they subtlety try to develop each contestants story and need for the money, and each judge’s personality. Also, I think it’s a creative approach to cooking. If Chopped is considered more game show than reality TV my revised answer is Love & Hip Hop (New York), because I think it has one of the more interesting cast of reality TV characters.
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What’s your self-care regime?


I eat a lot of cheese. I listen to the musical Hamilton or to J. Cole’s Forest Hill Drive. I read historical romance novels. I wash my hair and try a new style. I list out loud all of the things I’m grateful for. I just take a moment to step back from the stressors in my life and indulge in the small joys.

What makes you FEARCE?

 Everyday I wake up and believe in my dreams. I force myself to imagine them, to write them down, and then to chase them with a single-minded focus. I believe wholeheartedly that my future is mine to craft and if that ain’t FEARCE, I don’t know what is.

You can find Elizabeth on Social Media here: Instagram/Twitter: @AcevedoWrites  Website: AcevedoPoetry.com where she curates all of her poetry and publications as well as upcoming performances.

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