#DearMe : Advice to Young Whitney

So this theme has been going around and I don’t feel like making a video so I decided to do a blog post on it.

I’m going to start with advice to “half my age”/ 15 year old Whitney.


So…you know young self, that you and the innawebs are just becoming well acquainted.  You have a computer and you’re away at school or at home dialing up and stuff.  It’s fun and interesting right.  Well…you don’t know the half.  There’s some potential there.  I need you to listen very carefully.  Our student loan balances depend on it.

I’m going to provide you with a few options so choose wisely.

1.  You need to learn how to code or something.  Learn how to create stuff for the internet.  OK.

2. Now…go create Facebook or Youtube.  I’ll wait!

Ok…you have no clue what those are.  I mean…to you the facebook is an ACTUAL book you have that shows all the faces at L’Ville.  Well…Imagine if facebook was digital and opened up to like the world.  Ahhh cool right.  Well…if we invent that now…we can be billionaires.  I promise.

Youtube is like a place where you can upload videos.  Either we need to invent that too or when it starts…you need to start making videos.  Be cool and funny.  You know…the usual.

3.  Also…you know those perms you get a couple times a year.  You’re gonna stop getting them.  So ask some folks to help you learn how to braid or twist or do SOMETHING.  So that maybe those youtube videos could be about that when you decide to stop getting perms.  You should decide like soon too…it’ll be epic.

4. Keep a journal.  Start writing more.  Soon…you can do this online and talk about world events and such.  You’re good at it…just start now so that it becomes more second nature.

Choose wisely…or choose all.  I mean we could be DIGITAL OPRAH right now, bruh.


OK OK OK…I mean while all of that is legit advice.  IF someone gets to time travelling soon, let me know because I need to go impart those words of advice.

Anywho, in terms of general life advice that I’d give…here are a few items below.  I feel like while 15 year old Whitney would get these…these may be better for 19/20 year old Whitney…Decade ago Whitney.


1.  Live in the moment



You like plans and you like to organize and all of that.  You look to the future a lot and sometimes forget to stay in the present.  Just say eff it sometimes and relax and live in the moment.  You can “fix” things later.  This is a hard lesson to learn but it takes baby steps.  Tomorrow isn’t promised and plans can be adjusted.  Make sure your decisions are to make CURRENT you happy and not UNKNOWN POSSIBLE FUTURE you POSSIBLY happy.  Be Smart though!


2. Stay in touch with the people you like

OH HONEY…you are TERRIBLE at this.  SIMPLY AWFUL.  luckily most of your besties understand and yall real ride or die friends that don’t require constant contact.  I mean there are only 2 people outside of your family that you talk to at least 5/7 days a week because yall the too live crew of gchat.  LOL (HEY SCHELLES) Anyway…make an effort to reach out every once in a while.  Call your Aunts, call your cousins, call your friends, send and email, facebook message (I think facebook has messaging now…lol), letter, SOMETHING.  Clearly, you’re still working on this.  So…FYI…if you start now then maybe I’d be way better now.  LOL.  Help a sista out!


3. Be a little selfish

You do a lot for everyone else and rarely think about you.  You feel guilty when you do for you or say NO.  NO needs no explanation.  Do what’s best for you sometimes.  Yes, you can still do for others but don’t do for them over you.  Don’t set yourself on fire so that someone else can stay warm.  TOUCH AND AGREE!


4.  You are EVERYTHING!

point. blank. AND THE period.





p.s. Boys suck then, now, and FOREVER.  Don’t take it personal!

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