“Do You Love Him” – The Countess Vaughn Tragedy

2016 has been a hell of a year.  I mean…just musically…we’ve gotten some Amazing albums.  Frank Ocean has even put out something that isn’t blank.  Do you HEAR ME…Frank Ocean sung on tracks belonging to himself and let us hear them too…in this the year 2016 of our Lord.


However, there had to be things to counter the greatness.  First Mama Dee released a song and video and you know I thought that would be the worst thing I heard and saw, musically, this year.  I was proven wrong.

Countess Vaughn formerly of Moesha and The Parkers fame…released a song and video.  You’re thinking…wait…Countess can blow…like SHE HAS THE RANGE.  Well…like a raisin in the sun…her voice has withered and died.  Along with her voice it seems like true friendship has also left her because no one…not one kind soul told her not to do this song and this video.  Even worse…they tortured us and released it for us to be scarred.

olivia facepalm cosby show

First, there was an apparently “unofficial version” of the video:


You can find that video HERE and there are a million things wrong with this video.  It’s just awful.  I’ve seen better quality family vlogs on youtube.  Just saying.

The song is terrible.  It’s more than awful.  I can’t fathom that it was actually written.  Are there freestyle R&B Songs?  I just can’t believe that someone wrote and edited these lyrics and heard them song and was like YUP…THAT WORKS!



Then it was revealed that there was an OFFICIAL version of the video.


One would think…oh the song will be better.  The video will be better.  The song was the same and awful.  The video was better but it was like better like when you have to choose between two awful things.  No one wins here!

On a scale from 0 to 0 how awful to do you think this video is?

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