Ciara’s future is brighter without Nayvadius

Look.  I swear befo’ Mr. Jesus that I was not going to write about this.  I was going to leave good enough alone.  I was going to just let by gones be by gones and let the foolishment of Future roll off my bad like water off a duck’s.  But this duck…her feathers are ruffled so I had to speak. 84bff7b46f07c1b4c035669cd0327d19 I think Jesus is napping right now as I type this. So let me get it out before he wakes up and texts me like: Kevin-Hart-Really-GIF The long and the short of it is FUCK (big) FUTURE.  Not that I ever held him in such high regards but any little dwindling respect i DIDNT have for him is gone. Let’s go about this in bullet points so I don’t ramble on forever (plus my laptop is low sick and needs to be charged.)

  1. Future complained that Ciara was “rushing”/”doing to much” in terms of wanting to get married.  BRUH.  Why you propose to her if you didn’t actually want to get married.  SIT DOWN.  HAVE SEVERAL SEATS.  As well, if you had married her, there would be no other men to complain about. But…good thing she moved on.tumblr_n2wfrysPoE1rfduvxo1_500
  2. When they were dating, he used to fawn over the fact that she go along with all his kids.  *sarcasm font* WAIT…you let her HANG WITH YOUR KIDS.  Another woman that wasn’t the mother of your kids was spending time with your kids.  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.  How dare you let a woman around your kids.  What if you break up.  What kind of MAN does that. *sarcasm font* tumblr_n4vp4j4XbZ1r935ipo1_400
  3. I like Cici so I follow her on social media.  But today, I was reminded that when her and Future broke up, there were no times when Future was with baby Future in her pics.  Instead, you saw her FATHER playing the role of FULL TIME assistant/nanny with his grandson.  That is awesome sauce..but when was Nayvadius around.  *social media does not tell the full story.  this i know.  Howsomeever…if your trigger fingers can turn to twitter fingers about every move Ciara makes after yall break up then it seems like you’d have half a picture with your son or something.  It’s not like we been deprived his image…WHERE DEY AT DOE’* tumblr_inline_nhofjmAzGS1svk9zc
  4. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY AND WHY.  Why does he stay running to talk about this woman.  It speaks to his character and his integrity.  You loved her.  You impregnated her.  But now you publicly questions her integrity and her mothering.  If that aint the lamest shit ever in life. If you really had concerns…It would seem you would take them up with your former fiance and not try to blast her in the media for foolishment.  Is this a ploy to sell records to fuck boy fans who would agree with these statements.

I’m over it.  My batter just warmed me of impending doom.  And my texts messages going off…prolly Jesus.  If you over Future’s whack ass let me know. If you not…get yourself together. tumblr_nai1njSaTs1rfduvxo1_250

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