Ciara is STILL way better off without Nayvadius

Well…here we are AGAIN!! AGAIN, yall!! 

We were just here a little while ago when I had to gon’ say that Ciara was better off after he was all on the internet acting foolish about her a few months ago.


I’m just so mufuggin’ tired of this dude.  If you’re like what you talmbout, Whit?  Why you bringing up old stuff, Whit? What did Past Present Participle do now, Whit?

If you're like what you talmbout, Whit? What did Past Present Participle do now, Whit? Click To Tweet

Well, he went on a twitter rant earlier about his 39th son’s mother/former fiance Ciara.  

“Well what did he say, Whit?”


future twitter ciara

Yup…you read it right.  He ran up on twitter and got all ignorant and called the mother of his child A BITCH in the PUBLICS!!!!! So, I’m pretty sure we can ALL see exactly why he’s having trouble seeing his child.  This man, who calls Ciara a bitch on twitter, somehow things a judge will give him custody.  HMPH

Of course, twitter handled this well.  Here are a few of my favorite tweets.  BUT WAIT…before that…I CAN’T STAND FUTURE!! I wish he would DISAPPEAR!!  

What do yall think about this?


More about Whit Nic


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    This dude has no type or behavior or respect.

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      At all!!! He’s so disrespectful but the F*Boys flock to his shenanigans.

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    I know nothing about what’s going on with him, I don’t even know who he is other than he’s the father of Ciara’s baby. I never even heard his name until she started dating Russell Wilson.

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