TLN – Braids are my Frenemy

TLN – Braids are my Frenemy

I’ve been intending to blog all week about something that wasn’t this.  Along with getting distracted by all the foolery that is happening in the world (McKinney and Rachel), life, and regular ish…I’ve been distracted by taking out my braids. If you know me, you know the idea of braids is amazing to me.  I’m […]

The Lazy Natural – Blog Challenge Day 6

Just in case no one noticed from the rest of my life…I’m lazy.  Just kidding…not really lazy in general.  I just like to get the most for the least.  That’s whether it’s saving money, time, or effort. This does not change when it comes to my hair.  As a matter of fact, it’s exemplified.  It’s […]

Goddess Twist on old blowout

      I blew out my hair a few weeks ago and started with a cute bantu knot out.  That lasted all of 4.675 hours before my hair poofed up to 4 times the side it was when I started.  No exaggeration! It was huge.  So, since DC wasn’t going to ban the humidity […]