I’m on my Carl Thomas – Emotional

I’m just gonna play some Sam Smith in the background of this post so yall can be in your feelings by the end of the post like me. GON’ PRESS PLAY Misery loves company…but don’t stay too long. It seems like every other moment…I’m all up in my feelings.  Like good…bad…ugly.  I’ve moved in there. […]

Goodbye August

As you can see, I wasn’t able to finish my August blogging challenge.  Life happened in major ways in August and it was rarely anything good. I’m going to semi-attempt the challenge again in September.   However, this post is to say goodbye to August 2014.  I am so happy this month is over.  From […]

Progress Pics

So I’ve been thinking about this post for weeks now.  I’ve been going back and forth with how detailed I was going to go with my progress pics.  However, I figured it would be good to document where I’ve come from.  I decided to make a side by side collage which I’ve done before.  This […]

Weight Loss is a Gold Digger Part 1

While I must say I enjoy weight loss, I have to be honest about her.  She’s a money hungry heifer.  I know you may be confused but there are several ways she can steal all your hard earned money.  Some of them are legit (but still pricey) others you may want to beware of. In […]

She’s BACK…I think…

So I havent fallen off the band wagon…I promise. I’ve been making progress…slowly but surely.  Since I last blogged, I’ve lost another 30-35 lbs.  20-25 of those were lost in 2014. I actually lost 15lbs unintentionally.  I was hospitalized unexpectedly for some time and was sedated during some of the time so I wasn’t eating.  I’m […]

Birthday Ready

Ooops! It’s been a while. Sorry! To catch yall up…I did a mini juice fast before my birthday (which was yesterday). Last week Monday-Wednesday, this was my plan: Breakfast: Smoothie Snack: nuts or fruit Lunch: Juice Dinner: Regular light dinner. I had roasted chicken, cabbage and mashed potatoes two days.  Another day I made a […]