Humility – Blog Challenge Day 2

To be humble is to be unassuming… Chronic illness is the great humility checker. When you can’t walk across the room, stand up to shower, cook your own meals, eat that much, stand to do much of anything, lay this way to sleep, lay that way to sleep, SLEEP, take out your trash, cough without […]

My Diagnosis

My Diagnosis

It’s been a long time..I shouldn’t have left you…without a dope beat to step to. #Jammin Ya’ll know Aaliyah songs are my jam…but this aint what we came here for now is it? Fibrosing Mediastinitis That’s what I’ve been diagnoses with.  I wish I could tell you a whole lot about it but I can’t. […]

What happened in October!?

So, Im going to get back into writing again soon. You would think my name was Lemony Snicket the way things have been going every time I try to stay consistent here. So since the last post some things have happened.  That prayer in the last one must have went up priority mail because it […]

Updates on Life and Thank yous

So, I’ve opened up wordpress probably daily over the last week to write a blog and CLEARLY it hasn’t happened.  I’ve been semi-busy and FULLY tired. The new meds I’m on have the LOVELY quality of making you tired while SIMULTANEOUSLY making it difficult for you to fall asleep at night.  Therefore, I been on […]

I’m not Superwoman

Well, maybe a little bit on some days, I’m superwoman.  Most days, I’m not.  However, do I put on the front that I’m superwoman and able to take on and handle everything thrown at me EVERYDAY, YES!! I’d been thinking about writing this post after a couple of days of feeling defeated.  I’ve been exhausted when […]

Secrets Revealed

I’m typically a pretty private person.  I have my circle of trust and that circle is very small.  There is a tight circle right outside the periphery of that circle but I’m pretty silent beyond that. I know it seems weird for a person who blogs and all the things I’ve done but alas…it just […]