Black Women Win Rio Olympics 2016 #BlackGirlMagic

Now that Olympics 2016 in Rio are over…we can really sit back and revel at all the Black Girl Magic that occurred.  We took so many medals that if Black Women had out own delegation I’m sure we’d be #1.  I didn’t do any calculations to prove this but DON’T QUESTION MY EXCITEMENT!  We’d be up there at the top for sure!!

There was just something about watching all of that history.  Black women were winning medals for their respective countries that had never been won by ANYONE, that had never been won by black women, that had never been won two times in a row, in events that had never been swept, and breaking world records by astonishing times.

We definitely showed out at the Olympics this year!


So, I couldn’t just write this post without any receipts.  Here is the list of notable Olympics wins by black women.  I’m only one sleepy human so I’m SURE I missed some.  Let me know.

When the winning spirit blessed BlackWomen at the Rio Olympics
When the winning spirit blessed Black Women at the Rio Olympics

Get into these CHAMPIONS 


  • Simone Biles – 4 Golds 1 Bronze (Greatest Gymnast Ever)
  • Gabby Douglas – 1 Gold (First US Repeat team gold)
  • Michelle Carter – 1 Gold (First US Gold in shotput)
  • Simone Manuel – 2 Gold 2 Silver (1st Af Am to win swimming individual Gold)
  • Jennifer Abel – She finished JUST off the medal stand but her diving skills are SUPREME
  • Elaine Thompson – 2 Gold 1 Silver – Fastest woman in the world
  • English Gardner – 1 Gold 4×100
  • Tori Bowie – 1 Gold 1 Silver 1 Bronze – 2nd Fastest woman in the world
  • Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce -1 Silver 1 Bronze – 3rd fastest woman in the world
  • The SWEEP Team – first US olympic sweep in any sport
    • Brianna Rollins – Gold
    • Nia Ali – Silver
    • Kristi Castlin – Bronze
  • Lauri Hernandez – Gymnastics newest sweetheart – 1 Gold 1 Silver
  • Ashleigh Johnson – 1 Gold – Water Polo Goal Keeper.  She slayed
  • Allyson Felix – 2 Gold 1 Silver (Most decorated track and field star and first 5 Olympic Golds in Track and Field)
  • Dalilah Muhammad – 1 Gold (First US woman to win 400m Hurdles)
  • Ashley Spencer – 1 Bronze in 400m Hurdles
  • Tianna Bartoletta – 2 Gold – long jump  and 4×100
  • Brittney Reese– 1 Silver – long jump
  • Almaz Ayana – (Ethiopia) Gold 10,000m – she SMASHED all thru the world record. Bronze 5000m
  • Ibtihaj Muhammad – 1 Bronze Fencing (1st US Olympian to compete in hijab)
  • Novlene Williams-Mills – No Medals but she went from the 2012 games straight to a double mastectomy and is BACK in 2016.
  • Claressa Shields – 1 Gold in Boxing (first American with back to back olympic golds)
  • Natasha Hastings – 1 Gold 4x400m
  • Courtney Okolo – 1 Gold 4x400m
  • Phyllis Francis – 1 Gold 4x400m
  • Francena McCorory – 1 Gold 4x400m
  • Taylor Ellis-Watson – 1 Gold 4x400m
  • Morolake Akinosun – 1 Gold 4x100m
  • Ariana Washington – 1 Gold 4x100m
  • V. Campbell Brown – 1 Silver 4x100m
  • Simone Facey -1 Silver 4x100m
  • Christania Williams -1 Silver 4x100m
  • Sashalee Forbes -1 Silver 4x100m
  • Dina Asher- Smith – 1 Bronze 4x100m
  • Desiree Henry– 1 Bronze 4x100m
  • Asha Phillip– 1 Bronze 4x100m
  • Ashleigh Nelson– 1 Bronze 4x100m
  • Bianca Williams– 1 Bronze 4x100m
  • Darryl Neita– 1 Bronze 4x100m


I’m just so proud! We were all the way IN FORMATION!!


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    We had a lot of representation at the Olympics and they all did a great job!

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    #BlackGirlMagic is real. We did that!!!

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    So glad to be able to witness this as a millennial.

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    Yassss!!! I’m loving this, history in the making!

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    I’m so proud of all the representation we had this olympics!!!

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    There was so much black girl magic at the olympics this! I felt so much joy watching it!

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