Birthday Ready

Ooops! It’s been a while. Sorry!

To catch yall up…I did a mini juice fast before my birthday (which was yesterday).

Last week Monday-Wednesday, this was my plan:

Breakfast: Smoothie

Snack: nuts or fruit

Lunch: Juice

Dinner: Regular light dinner. I had roasted chicken, cabbage and mashed potatoes two days.  Another day I made a breakfast sandwich with uncured turkey bacon and scrambled cage free egg with spinach!  YUMMY!

Before the week started, I was dehydrated and bloated.  It was bad.  I felt off.  I was so dehydrated/bloated that the scale said I had gained about 6lbs in 2 days.  So not normal.  I knew what it was.  So I did the detox and upped my water.  Sure enough I was …clogged up.  By the end of the fast I was back down to where I was supposed to be.

I still ate light on Thursday (kinda) but after that it was ON!  BIRTHDAY WEEKEND IN EFFECT!  I ate!  I have absolutely no regrets!  The weekend was amazing!  I didn’t PIG OUT; i just ate stuff that wasn’t sooo clean.  It was good.  And…I LOST WEIGHT DOING IT!

I know you’re like WTF…how is that possible.  It’s mainly because I was also exhausted before the weekend and I got a ton of sleep.  Anytime that I rest and rest and rest after a week or weeks of exhaustion, I shed weight!

I’m officially 2.2 lbs from my next goal.  Here is a pic of me in my birthday dress!  Progress baby!!


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