Bantu Flat Out #TLN – Blog Challenge Day 18

As a part of my “get your life” challenge…i just made that up…where I get my life in order, I’m supposed to be doing my hair more.

As I’ve stated before, I’m very hair lazy.  The less I have to do the better.  There is one style that I have tried in the past before I really got a grip on my hair and it was FAIL CITY!  It’s not my hair that doesn’t like the style either.  It’s my skill set.  It’s BANTU KNOTS!  My sister did them on me a couple years ago and the results were amazing.

SEE:  Mind you this was TWO weeks after I took the nots out that she did.  GIRLLLAAAA

Excuse the crazy face…it was a crazy night.


Well since then, any attempt has been whack.  A lot was because of my laziness.  I never put enough in so I’d get this puff situation like this.  It would start off all cute but be the giantest of fluff balls within hours:



Anyway, I came across this video on facebook one day in December of one of the new fabulous ladies I follow on Youtube.

Check it out:

My plans to try it were under way.  I did a tester on some random stretched strands when i was home over Christmas break and it looked like it would be a go.  I also did a tester of a regular bantu knot.  See the difference:


So, I went ahead and did the bantu knot out one Saturday.  My plans were to take them down at the beginning of the week but it was rainy or snowy or SOMETHING and I ended up keeping them up until midweek wrapped in lovely head scarves.  Anyway, here are the beautiful results.  First a few pics of what it looked like when I finished them and immediately after take down and finally “styled-ish”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


What do you think?  Ju Like?


See ya tomorrow!

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    Cute results! Bantu knots were hard for me too. They look so easy but, yeah not so much. Lol! They take practice, I guess.

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