Juicing Lately

This past weekend was just…YEA!  Juicing did not enter much of the equation.  Anyway…back to the grind! I had juice for lunch yesterday…it was pretty good.  I got full super quick off of it and sipped it all the way to 3pm. Here’s a pic. It’s 1 beet, 2/3 pineapple, 3 carrots, 1 cucumber (small), […]

3 Juices and a Lemonade

Yesterday I got home and knew I was only eating my pinto beans for dinner.  Yum!  I love pinto beans.  And yes I only ate beans and cornbread!  lol Anyway…this meant I had the time to go ahead and juice and make my favorite green tea pomegranate lemonade. I fresh juiced the lemons for my […]

Juice Fast and #SexyShred Days 4-9

So i was slacking on the blogging.   Forgive my TIRED SPIRIT!! yes Lawd!! Anyway…I’ve been EXHAUSTED.  When you aren’t consuming little/no solid food your body needs REST.  Since I was doing mostly juice (i know you’re reading this like ma’am we’re you supposed to do all juice…i’ll get to that in a minute) these […]

Juices 1 #sexyshred #juicefast

So here are a few of the juices I’ve made.  Just wanted to post a few pics.  I’ll come back and add recipes (though most of my pics are just ingredients lol).  I made up or tweaked recipes I had found.  It just gets to the point of throwing in what I have. lol